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Services & Goods

The social enterprises at Meristem expose students to real-world work experience through top-level business professionals.

Meristem Café

Our Culinary Arts classes offer students the rare opportunity to learn to prepare high quality foods from top notch chefs, using only the finest ingredients, sourced mainly from our organic garden on campus. Within the Culinary Arts program, Café offers paid internships to learn to take customers orders, manage the Café payment system, serve customers, and receive customer feedback. Students practice adaptable skills for a variety of industries through their experiences.

The Meristem Café is open to the public for lunch each Friday that Meristem is in session from 11:30 am-1:30 pm. Reservations are requested 24 hours ahead of arrival so that students can make preparations. To make your Café reservation, please email

Bed & Breakfast

The Bed & Breakfast is a quiet and welcoming landing place here on campus for guests, family members, and friends of Meristem. Students who work at our small three-suite B&B focus on hospitality management, and learn customer service skills, how to manage reservations, room set-up, and collaboration with guests, staff and students. Some additionals suites have shared bathrooms and common spaces. This is the only hospitality experience in the country operated by young adults on the autism spectrum.

If you would like to make a reservation to stay with us, please contact our Bed and Breakfast Liaison by email to ask about prices and availability at

Herbal Arts Wellness Products

Students gain real-life business management experience within the Herbal Arts Retail classes and paid internships. From product creation, pricing, sales, packaging, and shipping, to product development using herbs, essential oils, and other ingredients, our retail students learn to develop, make and sell original soaps, lotions, sprays, and other bath and body products. They also learn marketing, website development, e-commerce, sales, and business reporting.

Ready to shop? Herbal Arts hand-crafted artisan items are available for sale in the Cafe at Meristem, and at select Meristem Events throughout the year. These make wonderful gifts for family and friends.