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Past EventMeet the Artist | Jessica Bowles

May 31, 2023  |  5:30 pm7:00 pm

Meet the artist and Sacramento native, Jessica Bowles at Meristem’s Art Reception opened to the community.

Small bites will be served – using fresh organic produce from Meristem’s own garden. Meristem’s Culinary Arts Team is doing the cooking and wine, beer and other beverages will also be available. The reception free to attend and a limited selection of paintings will be for sale at the Meristem Friends & Family rate.

Meristem’s Cafe is located on it’s 13-acre campus in Fair Oaks. The entrance to the campus is on Fair Oaks Blvd, marked by a blue sign. There is plenty of parking. Meristem’s program serves young adults on the spectrum or with other learning disabilities. It is a transitional program that assists with the next steps leading to a more independent life.


Meet the Artist, Jessica Bowles:

My very first outing after I was born was the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento!

Growing up with a father and grandmother as artists, I guess you can say I was destined to be interested in art in some form.  Growing up watching my dad paint his heart out on large canvases day in and day out in his little makeshift of a studio/garage and dressing up and going to his art openings on Saturday nights showed me what real passion was. I had always been into drawing, ceramics & photography in my youth, but it wasn’t until I was an adult living on my own was when I started painting. Dealing from A.D.D, anxiety, and depression my whole life, painting became so therapeutic to me and the fact that I could do it on my own terms, any time, in the own comfort of my home, was like finding gold. When I am painting, it feels like the world around me stops. My mind stops racing, I feel no anxiety anymore, it feels like I am freeing my spirit from anything holding me down. To paint on a canvas is to release weight off my shoulders like therapy for me, but better! It’s so calming, and freeing.

A lot of my painting isn’t premeditated, it’s very spontaneous and on the spot painting, whatever comes thru at that moment in time, any memory of a place I had traveled to, or feeling/emotion I have at that very moment. I paint for me, and no one else. I feel as though my spirit is telling my story thru art. I love to use texture to create dimension and high contrast with bright colors, and I also to like to use more mute tones with a more calmer approach…..just depends on the day. 

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