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General Tuition Rates

Below are general tuition rates for a student to attend Meristem. Rates may differ based on the student’s start date and California Regional Center status.

Independent Living Program $85,500 / academic year
Includes Day Program classes, single-room dorm occupancy, Independent Living instruction and support, and a budget of $450 per month for food and Meristem-approved social events. There is a $500 Dorm Deposit  (refundable).

Day Program $55,500 / academic year
Includes Day Program classes, Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM.

Regional Center Purchase of Services

California residents, you may be eligible to receive a partial reduction in program tuition through a Regional Center “Purchase of Services”. To get started, please contact your local Regional Center.  If you are already a Regional Center client, contact your Service Coordinator to inquire about a Purchase of Services to attend Meristem.


Contact Admissions for more information about tuition.

(916) 963-1000