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Mission, Vision, Values


Meristem prepares young adults on the autism spectrum to build a strong sense of self, develop an enhanced social capacity, and create a life of increased social and economic independence.


A world where the unique capabilities of adults on the spectrum are respected and appreciated. Adults with autism must have full and meaningful lives, with ample opportunities for mainstream employment and independent living.


  • Dignity — All members of the Meristem community will be treated with dignity.
  • Individual Potential — Meristem is dedicated to fostering personal development and growth.
  • Collaboration — Joint efforts toward a common purpose make possible the best outcome.
  • The Natural World — Meristem promotes a holistic environment grounded in a connection to nature.
  • Freedom — Self-initiated conscious action is the hallmark of a free individual.
  • Advocacy — Meristem advances equal opportunities for adults with autism and encourages self-advocacy by its students.