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Meristem Method

The Meristem Method is based upon the principle of experiential learning, or, “doing to learn.”

With the Meristem Method, students progress over the course of three years, and repeatedly immerse themselves in experiences. They are encouraged to reflect about those experiences. This objective process allows students to gain insight into the impact of their actions, a simple but effective model that has been shown to unlock potential and build a solid foundation for subsequent growth.

Their growth is tracked through their Individual Support Plan (ISP), and their goals are adjusted in response to their progress. 

Five Key Goals of The Meristem Method

  • Prepare to enter the workforce or higher education
  • Transition to increased independence
  • Master basic life skills
  • Enhance social capacity
  • Build a strong sense of self

Five Core Areas of Learning

Core areas of experiential learning are cultivated through real-life experience.

  • Movement (Sensory Integration)
  • Land Work
  • Craftwork 
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Preparation for Work

Executive Function – A Five Stage Progression

Students develop critical capacities and executive function by planning and completing tasks, experiencing success, confronting failure, and reflecting upon the process. 

  • Articulate Goals
  • Practice in Class
  • Review & Reflect on Results
  • Revise Goals
  • Repeat