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Frequently Asked Questions

Review our frequently asked questions about Meristem’s transitional program serving students ages 18-28 on the autism spectrum to learn more about our campus, offerings, program fees and how you can take a tour.

How much does the program cost?

General Fee Rates
Day Program — $45,500 |  Regional Center funds, self-determination program funds and scholarship funds can be applied. Day program is currently at capacity. Please contact us to learn more.

Day Program & Independent Living Program — $90,500 | Regional Center funds, self-determination program funds and scholarship funds can be applied.


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What are the students like at Meristem?

Meristem students are comprised of neurodiverse young adults, (18-28), with low support needs, who show potential to achieve independence and self-sufficiency upon graduation.

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How can I help a family at Meristem?

Make a donation. Donations are tax deductible. Please consider making a contribution which will help support Meristem families with program fees, meal plans and personal items. Facility maintenance and update expenses are also a real need of the program.

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Can I drop in for a tour of the campus?

Tours must be booked with the Admissions Team or Development Team. Meristem students are in session and unscheduled interruptions are hard on our normal campus-life. Tours take place Monday-Friday, between 9 am – 3 pm.

Contact Admissions

My student wants to start classes later during the program year. Do you allow for new students starting in October or January?

Student Start Dates generally start the beginning of sessions in August and January depending on the availability of open spots in the Day and ILS programs. Contact the Admissions Team for the most current information.

Admissions Team Contact

My student will be in the dorms – Do I need to send extra money for my student’s personal spending?

ILS/Dorm Students receive a bank card that is loaded monthly with all of the funds that they will need for food, personal items and activities.

Part of the ILS program is learning about one’s funds, budgeting, shopping and spending. Trips to the grocery store, community outings, etc. are planned weekly. Students can also choose to plan a fun night out for pizza and bowling and invite a couple of friends. It’s their choice how they spend their money. There will be an ILS Instructor mentoring and watching out for them.

My student does not drive. What about transportation?

Student Transportation is available and part of the program. Meristem owns minivans that the staff drive when going off campus. If students need to travel off-campus during the day for an activity, a job or on-campus college class, staff will transport them. (Day students provide their on transportation to and from campus daily at the beginning and end of the Day program.)

All students will learn about the public transportation in the community with opportunities to learn and use it. Lessons on Uber/Lift, Bart (Muni), trains, booking flights, airport transports are also part of the ILS instruction. Meristem wants its students out and about in the community and feeling comfortable about the trip to the destination.

My student drives a car. Is that allowed?

Driving one’s car is allowed. Whether it be a Day Program student driving to campus and parking each day; or an ILS Program student driving their car to campus and parking it at the dorms – both are allowed. Meristem’s 13-acre campus features plenty safe parking areas.

Is it possible for my student to learn how to drive a car and get a drivers license?

Drivers Licenses are earned by several of Meristem’s students every year. Depending on the aptitude and capabilities of the student, it can be an achievable goal.

Meristem’s staff work with students who wish to work towards a drivers license. From taking and passing the test, to driving a cart on campus, to driving lessons with Bond Driving School – steps are in place for those that can put in the hard work.